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Health and Beauty Articles

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Complete skin care Kit made up of Concha Nacar skin care products

Posted Aug 01, 2012 by anonymous

Concha Nacar beauty products contain a special ingredient called Nacre. This ingredient is also called Concha Nacar or mother of pearl. This special ingredient is known to reverse skin aging. The complete set of these products contains vitamin E cream, make up remover, bleach cream and mother of pearl creams.


There are two types of mother of pearl creams. One is a day cream and the other is a night cream. Nacre cream is loaded with collagen, Retinol and Vitamin. This cream also has high amounts of mother of pearls.


The night cream due to its amazing composition is very effective when it comes to reversing skin aging. Skin aging is an issue that disturbs many people. To be able to reverse aging, one will need a cream that has a high concentration of collagen. As one ages, the amount of collagen found in skin cells reduces. Reduction of collagen causes skin to sag and wrinkles to start appearing. Nacre night cream has collagen that will in ...

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Sulfur ointment and soap for acne

Posted May 11, 2012 by anonymous

To remove stubborn acne from the face, one should use an effective soap and an effective ointment. There are many types of skin care products in the market. Some skin care products are made with aloe Vera while some are made using sulfur. Sulfur skin care products are one of the safest in the market. In the market, one will find sulfur ointment and sulfur soap for acne. These two products should be used the right way. Use of these two products must be accompanied with a good diet so as to speed up the recovery process.


Using sulfur soap having lanolin to clean the face everyday will make acne to disappear from the face. The results will not be instant but will be progressive. It may take up to 8 weeks to see improvements. Generally, it takes time for acne to be cleared from the face. One should therefore have a lot of patience if one desires to see positive changes.


When cleaning the face using this soap, a soft cotton rag should be used ...

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Benefits of seaweed soap

Posted May 11, 2012 by anonymous

Seaweed soap has been used since time immemorial. This soap was used in a number of ancient kingdoms. Since time immemorial, men and women have always been obsessed with beauty. This soap will enhance a person's beauty by eliminating dead skin cells. The skin will be nourished and refreshed by the massage bumps of this soap. The skin will be smoothened, firmed and softened by the action of this soap. Seaweed soap will also deal with a number of skin imperfections.


Sea weed soap was a vital part of Ayurveda traditional medicine. Traditional Ayurvedic medicine was prevalent in India and other parts of Asia during the ancient times. Modern day Ayurvedic medicine is a form of alternative medicine that offers solutions not offered by western medicine. Traditional Ayurvedic medical practitioners used this soap to treat common skin ailments such as acne. Medical literature on early Indian medicine mentions sea weed soap.


One of the benefit ...

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Must have in all first aid kits for kids

Posted Aug 01, 2012 by anonymous

Most adults remember the red dye that parents used in treating cuts when they were young children. This dye was an antiseptic. Today, there is a more effective antiseptic for treating cuts and it is called De La Cruz Merthiolate Spray. This spray can be one of the things in a kid’s first aid kit. This spray has powerful ingredients and is very safe for use.


Kids are normally very playful. A child should not be discouraged from being playful because being playful helps him to grow. It is through play that a child interacts with fellow children and discovers new things in his environment. Children are very inquisitive and it is possible for a child to get cuts when investigating certain objects.


A first aid kit having basic items will come in handy when a child is cut by a sharp object. Every child should be bought a first aid kit. These kits are available in different styles. A child should be bought a well styled kit that matches h ...

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Sulfur for beautiful skin?

Posted Aug 01, 2012 by anonymous

When you think of fire and brimstone, the last think you’re probably thinking of is your skin. Brimstone, otherwise known as sulfur, however, is one of the oldest skin remedies known to man. Weird, right? Well, it used to be referred to as brimstone due to its abundance around volcanoes. Somehow sulfur eventually made it from volcanoes and also hot springs to people’s faces…and THANK GOODNESS! Today, it is still one of the most advanced skin care ingredients available.


If you’re like a lot of people who have not tried sulfur, you’re most likely intimidated by its smell. In fact, the putrid odor that the word sulfur implies is not the actual element of sulfur itself. Sulfur only becomes smelly once it hits the air and mixes with oxygen to create a gas called sulfur dioxide. Its science. Since products containing sulfur usually have a buffer of some sort, such as cream, to buffer oxidation, they do not have that pungent of an aroma ...

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Rosacea may be caused by mite feces in your pores

Posted Aug 31, 2012 by anonymous

Know someone who suffers from rosacea? The “Curse of the Celts”? Between 5 and 20 percent of humans are affected with this inflammatory skin condition.


Are you eating? Hope not. Turns out it may be caused by an immune reaction to the feces of skin mites.


Microscopic Demodex mites live on our skin, deep in our pores, and are more numerous in those who suffer from rosacea. After mating, they die in your pores. Since they have no anus, their mite poo just sits there, full of a certain bacteria that is thought to trigger the immune reaction causing rosacea.


So, lets wash our face with sulfur soap and start using sulfur ointment.





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Seaweed for beauty and wellness

Posted May 11, 2012 by anonymous

Seaweeds have significant nutritional qualities, stimulant, tonic, regulatory and restorative, that is why many brands of cosmetics they use.


There are about 10,000 different species of algae. They have a thousand times more iodine than any other plant, and this is an efficient natural antiseptic. They contain high levels of minerals and have emollient properties as aliginatos and carragenados, wonderful for the skin and hair.


Although there are algae in any of the world's seas, most cosmetics are listed in the Brittany region, located on the French Atlantic coast, and known as kelp.


They are used in diets, anti-inflammatory and antirheumatic. Sherpa mountain guides and Peruvians, in places as opposites in the world as are the Himalayas and the Andes, among its provisions are small pockets of algae of the Laminaria family: the kombu, to facilitate breathing is difficult in heights and to reduce leg fatigue caus ...

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Benefits of rinosan and use for kidney detox

Posted Aug 01, 2012 by anonymous

Products made from rinosan plant are used in kidney detox due to the useful compounds they contain. Kidney detox will help the kidneys to function properly. The kidney is one of the most important organs of the body. Kidney detox will enhance one’s overall health. Rinosan plant has elements that have many benefits.


One of the elements rinosan plant has is an element called silica. Silica is very beneficial when it comes to strengthening bones. Silica in this plant will keep the connective tissues, bones, ligaments and bones working in top condition. Proteins in body tissues need silica so as to combine effectively.


Other minerals a rinosan plant has are potassium, manganese, aluminum and iron. These minerals play a vital role in bone and cartilage formation.  Iron is the main mineral used to form blood. These minerals also play a role in reducing osteoporosis and treating arthritis. Osteoporosis and arthritis are bone conditio ...

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The benefits of tea tree oil

Posted May 11, 2012 by anonymous

The bark and leaves of the tea tree plant has medicinal values. Tea tree oil is made from the bark and leaves of this plant. This oil is a common natural remedy that has been used since time immemorial. One of the benefits of this oil is its use in treating wounds and sun burn. Tea tree oil is also used to relieve the pain of insect bites and promote healing. People looking for a natural remedy of acne and dandruff should buy this oil. Other benefits of this natural medicine are its use in treatment of Vaginitis and dandruff.


There are various types of wounds. Some wounds are major wounds while some are minor wounds. One will get major wounds after being engaged in a major accident. When one has serious wounds, one will need surgery. However to relieve the pain of the wound before one is taken to the hospital, this oil can be used. Using this oil on serious wounds will help to prevent further infection on the wound.


Treating minor wounds ...

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Gas relief for babies using Quita Colicos

Posted May 11, 2012 by anonymous

It is common to find a baby crying all night as a result of gas problems. This was the case with my baby. It was a pleasure finding out about Quita Colicos which are gas relief drops. With these drops, gas problem in a baby will be solved once and for all.


A baby's cry in the depth of the night is the last thing most people want to encounter. Such cries will make one to stay awake all night long when one should be sleeping. As a parent, one will be very disturbed when the baby cries at night without stopping.


A caring parent while want to find out the cause of the cries. One may try changing baby's clothing or giving the baby food. Uncomfortable cries and hunger maybe the cause of the crying. If these measures are not effective, the problem may be gas. The baby's system is very delicate therefore a little gas will cause discomfort. Gas is normally caused by milk formulas among other types of baby food. Swallowing air can also ...

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